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Nov 5th Saturday Inmates worked well The house
looks well so thoroughly clean in the aftern.
several of the girls were mending their clothes.
Mr Hossack presented the inmates with a
[illegible] of "British Workman' and promised them
some new Hymn Books, which are much needed.
Have had trouble and anxiety today, through the
messenger having left. was obligd to send Mrs Roberts to get an
other who of course has not yet got acquainted with the addresses
Mrs Miles visited the Refuge and expressed her
satisfaction and pleasure in finding the Refuge so clean
and the inmates being orderly. she proposed to both
cook and laundress that they hang up a few branches
of a tree as fly catchers. They're quite pleased with
the idea. Mrs Baker called and askd to see several
of the girls gave them little books fm American Tract Society

Nov 6th Sunday. Morn- aftern and evening
The girls look nice & tidy in their new dresses &
calico aprons.

Nov 7th
Monday Jessie Evans begd. hard to be received
into the Refuge. The tears chased each
other, thick and fast. Matron would not
consent for some time, because Jess had
already given so much trouble to the ladies
at last consented to let her stay untill tomorrow
when the sub commt can decide. - she promised
to stay in 12 months and do all in her power to
please, was told she would have to rise early, to

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