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At a Special Meeting of the Ladies
General Committee held at the Refuge
on Tuesday.
Mrs Allen Mrs Hay
Mrs Foss Mrs John Dawson
Mrs Breillat Mrs Murnin
Mrs Joy Mrs John Thompson
Mrs Tucker Mrs Reed
Ms Macintyre Mrs Joseph Thompson
Mrs Speer Mrs G Widan

The Secretary .
Minutes of previous meeting read. Daily journal. Sub Committees Report & Tabular Report read.

A letter was read from the Secretary of the Gentlemen's Committe requesting the Ladies to endeavour to collect £400 & stating that to the Gentlemens report to be able to collect the same amount in order to liquate the debt on the Building which at present is about £500.

Resolved that each lady endeavour to raise £25 and that collecting cards be sent to those Ladies who were absent.

It was agreed that the Ladies Committee meet at 3 o clock during winter months

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