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At a meeting of the Ladies General committee of
held at this Refuge on Friday this 1st April 1864.
Mrs Breillat Mrs Foss
Mrs Smith Mrs Speer
Mrs Dawson Mrs Joseph Thompson
Mrs Hay Mrs John Thompson
Mrs Murnin Mrs Robinson
Mrs Joy Mrs Miller
Mrs Reed
Minutes of previous meeting read [text crossed out]
Sub Committee Report Tabular Report and
Daily Journal Reads.

Three girls were admitted. One of these
had been in this House for a short time
while Mrs Webster was Matron and since then
for a few weeks in the house of the Good Shepperd

Christina Neilds from Maitland is only
12 years old. She has at one time been attending
the Ragged School in Sussex Street but states
some woman induced her to
leave her parents and go to Maitland.

A letter read from Mrs Pitt
Isabella Phillip's mother, demanding her
daughter. But as the girl does not wish to
go home it was marked to get her a situation
for her out of Sydney.

Resolved that a letter be sent to Mrs Pitt
informing her that Isabella prefered
being in service

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