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the ceremony of being made young men. After
a few days the old men name the [crossed out: young
men] boys who are to obey this mysterious call, the
whole camp moves off to the Burborg some
times several neightboring tribes join in the
ceremony. It usually takes place in a certain
spot. A circle is formed by clearing the
grass or shrub away. The women & children
are kept at a distance . After various pre-
liminary movements when all is arranged
& the boys placed in the middle of the
circle, the elders now surrounding them a mysterious huge
looking being masked with branches
makes his appearance, then the ceremony
commences. The particulars of it are generally
kept a profound secret among the Blacks,
no European is admitted to witness the pro-
ceedings. But the [crossed out: young men] boys passing
through this ordeal are kept nearly all
night standing, have to pass through various
gestures & movements, have with great threat
sustain rules & customs [crossed out: inculcated] enforced on
them and further brought under a kind of military
submission to the old men, have for a few
weeks to remain by themselves in a retired place
and are prohibited certain kinds of food
most of the best [crossed out: kinds] sorts of food especially eggs.
[Margin: In some tribes a first tooth is knocked out as part of the ceremony imposed on the young men but that is not general, it was not done in the Wellington tribe. The young men are thus

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