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fish (- The richest & most delicate [crossed out: kind of] food
is always alloted to the the elderly men. -)
Above all are the newly made young men for-
bidden to come into the presence of a woman,
they dare not ever speak to their own mothers or sisters.
This has often caused us much inconvenience,
when we wished to instruct them together or
assemble them at Divine Service or address
them at the camp. I might be standing at the
front of my house, conversing with some women,
a few men might come in sight, wanting
to see me, but they were bound to make a
detour some 2 or 300 yards off and I had
either to follow them, or else first warn
the women off before they could speak to me.
Theses rules have no doubt a well [crossed out: intended]
considered origin aiming at a moral tendency,
and serve in general to uphold the authority
of the elderly men as rulers. I believe that
they are generally strictly observed, though
I caught now & then some of the young
men peeping at the women, [crossed out: when themselves]
through the slabs when in their huts. These
rules are very gradually relaxed, some
regarding certains kinds of food are binding
till the men reach the middle age.
Many of you would be doubtful or curious to
know, who this mysterious Bubu might be, I will

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