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& the Superintendent with Plumly with Capt. D's letter
to the hospital to Mr [indecipherable] at Penrith - who ordered
the extending irons to be struck off, and Thompson returned to the
gaol gang, retaining the Capt's letter as his warrant. It
is still in his possession. After Thompson was returned [original text crossed out] to
the gang, he refused to work and was again sent to Penrith goal
& from there to the Hulk Sydy [Sydney] Harbour - & there to settlement.
Penal Settlement at Mn [Morton] Bay.

I saw [indecipherable] at E.P. - Capt. D - afterwds came and desired Plumly
to get them from Kingswood - & carried them away - they weighed 16 [indecipherable].

Strange features of this transactions - the falsehood - the fear
the consciousness of wrong - the agency of inferior persons
of the govt. - such as overseer of goal gang -

Note - also in the inquiry before council only [indecipherable] examined
yet Mitchell had inspected the body -he was in the Hospital, was
more than 100 yds from Council Chamber - why was he then
sent for? Why, because [indecipherable] had before given a forward
statement to the Col. Scary, [Secretary] & it was more fitting to [indecipherable] the exam to him.
At the council, indeed he gave a difft [different] statement & hence he was bullied by [indecipherable]
& accused of fornication and false speaking - These facts are apparent from
the exmaimation of [indecipherable] and the gang's counter- affidavit, while explaining the
reason why [indecipherable] was examined, and Mitchell acquitted !!!

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