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Fulford 11m 27th 62
My Dear James
If thee has not had a
full share of letter this week _ I do not
know who has., Thy letter to me came
this afternoon _ Eddie seems quite smart
to day _ he went into Annies room after
dinner to-day & stayed till 5 oclock,
What a magnificant day it has been,
I wish thee could have spent it with
us _ I do not think we will need
any more butter this week _ I will try
and wait till thee comes for the candy _
Eddie slept better last night than he has
done for several weeks _ did not waken up
this morning till 9 1/2 O'clock _ Gilpin will
take the carriage down for thee on 7th day
I had intended sending the old mans
shoes down before thee mentioned it _ _
Julia is in the upper neighbourhood yet
she is undecided about going on 7th day _
I am going to fathers to spend the day to _
morrow _ I have a bad cold _ but do not
know that it will hurt it to go out a fine
day _ I was busy this morning making

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"Fulford" was the name of a boarding school run by James S Hallowell, c1862-1872 [Montgomery County Historic Sites Survey, Site M#23-95, Marden Lane Houses, Sandy Spring, Maryland].
There was a Rachael Gilpin, age 55, in the Alexandria, VA, household/boarding school on the 1860 US Census.