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Woman's Clubs. Several very old clubs were mentioned in the article - some
older than our Association. The Secretary was authorized to write to Mrs.
Sherman in reference to these old clubs.

Helen Moore read some interesting scraps and several jokes.

Mary Reading Nichols read a poem depicting the pleasures of
a good old hickory fire.

Elizabeth Stabler suggested that the regulations of The
Association should be read once a year. She read them.

Margaret Moore "This Hour" Now is the time that counts.

Fanny Iddings contributed the letter written by her Mother in
1917 - most interesting. She also brought a message from her Mother, Sophia
Pierce, one of the Charter Members, now an Honorary Member and at the age of
one hundred two, undoubtedly the oldest Club woman in point of years and
membership. She sent her love to all and said she would like to come to a

Elise Hutton. All strong for eductation. Is it a zest for
learning or merely a desire not to be found out? Also a poem. "Evening Mists.
Question. Can asparagus roots be moved in the fall? Yes, in August.

Amy Hutton. "A child's Choice" and a poem "In the Forest"

Clara Moore, "Creation of Woman" a Hindu Legend. She is
made of everything both good and bad - but proved unstisfactory to man. She
also read a poem from the Alexandria Gazette.

"Blessings on thee, little dame, bare of neck and
knees the same;
With thy rolled down, silken hose, and thy thin,
transparent close;
With thy pretty made-up face, and thy bobbed hair's
jaunty grace;
With thy red lips reddened more with thy lipstick
from the store,
With all my heart I give thee joy,
Thank the Lord I was born a boy."
(Apologies to Whittier.)

Annie Miller read for Emily Massesy about the mesh bag that
was made for Col. Lindburg's Mother.

Mary Nichols read an article on happiness, each one having
his own idea of what it it.

[a clipping in right hand margin]
Mrs. Sophie Pierce, who helped to
found a woman's club at Sandy
Spring, Md., in 1857, and still attended
its monthly meetings, is believed to
be the oldest clubwoman in the
United States.

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