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Annie Miller's own selection was a poem "A Christmas Present"
written by her friend.

Other members present but without contributions were:- Hallie
Lea, Mary Scott, Rebecca Miller, Sadie Adams. Guests- Mrs. Seers, Mrs. Lea,
Mrs. Richard Bentley, Rebecca Stabler.

The Treasurer, Mary Tilton reported--
Paid Red Cross for Flood Relief, $10.00
Social Service League Drive 27.00

The Social Service Committee, Mary Tilton, chairman, reported
on the work done by the Social Service Director of the League during the past

No other committee reports.

Unfinished Business. The selection of three outstanding
members was not made as the secretary had written to the County Federation
that all members are outstanding.

Rebecca Miller moved that the Association give up the idea of
having a booth at the Rockville Fair this year. Motion duly seconded and

There being a vacancy Rebecca Stabler was declared a member.

County Federation. Emily Massey, one of the Delegates to the
Annual Meeting reported that she had attended the meeting at Glen Echo Park
enjoyed it very much and was proud of Stella Moore who conducted the meeting.
Stella was made president of the Montgomery County Federation of Women's Clubs
at this meeting, Mrs. Merrill being forced to resign on account of illness.
Bishop Freeman's address was particularly good.

State Federation. Margaret Jones brought up the matter of endorsing
Kindergartens. The principle was endorsed but the problem of transportation
enters in very decidedly in this part of the State. A motion was
made seconded and carried, that if practicable the Association will help to
have Kindergartens established here.

Mary Nichols asked that a new chairman of education be appointed.--Her resignation was accepted with regret but no new appointment

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