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Madge Moore read for Alice Tyson of a panic in London in 1797
and for herself of the memorial to the oysters that have been sacrificed
for pearls.

Mary Brooke read of gold and diamonds from Egypt in 128 A.D.
Question --- What will remove the deposit in tea kettles? Perhaps lime

Mariana Miller read old minutes of 1876, meetings at
Prospect Hill, Cherry Grove, and Caroline Scotts.

Elizabeth Stabler contributed a very encouraging poem, "Begin
Again"--She recommenede S.O.S. for cleaning aluminum utensils--can be
procured at A & P, Saniatry, Barger & Ross etc.

Edith Green read extracts from letters written to his wife by
her great-great-grandfather, Isaac Briggs, written in 1804 and telling of
some of his trips while he was Surveyor General.

Annie Kirk said that Issac Briggs was the most brilliant person
who was ever born in this community, and this brilliant streak can be
traced in many of his descendants.

Hallie Bentley read what she called several scraps.

Corrie Brooke related a little circumstance in connection with
Issac Briggs showing his distaste for publicity.

Huldah Janney-- a manuscript "Knit 1, Purl 1".

Margaret Jones--an article on "Being Led", making a plea for individual
thinking and individual action.

Rebecca Miller--Breeding of Canaries in Norwich.

Lucy Moore gave some receipts for the prevention of birds
pulling up corn.

Others present but without contributions were: Hallie Lea,
Helen Lea, Emily Coulter, Florence Wetherald, Sarah Kirk and Mrs. Boyd.

The Treasurer's report showed $17.90 on hand, $15. in Social
Service Drive.

No reports from Committees on Education, American Home, or

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