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A letter relating to the Social Service Drive was read--the
result of which was a pledge of $50.00 for the Association.

The Director in the Montgomery County Federation read the four
resolutions sent--All were approved. The Director also reported that
Stella Moore will act as president of the County Federation for the remainder
of Mrs. Merrill's term of office.

The Association is asked to send in the names of 3 outstanding
members. This was deferred until the next meeting.

A vote on the National Flower resulted in the chioce of the
Golden Rod.

Whether or not the Association will have a Booth at the Rockville
Fair was deferred.

Health Centers would like contributions.

Delegates to the Annual Meetings: Estelle T. Moore, Emily T.
Massey, Margaret G. T. Moore. Alternates: Margaret Bancroft, Mary Tilton,
Elizabeth Stabler.

A plea from Stella Moore, acting President, for contributions
to the Red Cross was read. It was recommended that the Treasurer sent
$10.00 if the state of the treasury warrents it--. To be sent through the
County Federation.

State Federation. Margaret Jones gave a short report on the
Annual Meeting held in Baltimore April 26, 27, 28.

No new Business.

The Secretary was instructed to send letters of sympathy and
love to Pattie Farquhar, Helen Hallowell, Julia Hallowell, and Nora McKay

The meeting adjourned until the first 5th Day in June.

A delicious supper was served, exemplifying the hospitality
of which "Avalon" is well known to all. Some of the silver, china, and
mapery were the same which was used at the meeting held at this place
nearly seventy years ago.

Margaret Elgar Sherman Jones,

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