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Mary Robison told of the Juvenile Court in Rockville which is
doing such good work under Judge Robert B. Peter.

Roberta Adams asked if any one had had experience growing water
lillies in a tub? Several had seen it done. Edith Green told of growing
them in a kettle.

Helen Farquhar said she wanted to thank the Association for
giving her membership.

Elizabeth Stabler--read extracts from Ralph Waldo Emerson's
Essay on Friendship. She told of a visit to the duPont green house.

Hallie Bentley's selection was the reading of Kipling's "If"
followed by a parody "If" a woman can keep long hair.

Fanny Iddings continued reading the letter started at the last
meeting--a most interesting contribution.

Rose Gilpin--Question--What to do with bulbs that were forgotten
last fall? Put in the ground as soon as possible--move bulbs as
soon as they are through blooming.

Mrs. Pierce--from "The Rose and the Ring"--She also told of
grapes served from the vine at large dinners.

Pattie Farquhar--a variety of selections--The Good Samaritan--
The Spirit of evening etc. The Message to Garcia attained a larger circulation
than any other article during the time of its Author.

Elise Hutton--A little child's garden each flower of which gave a message to the child.

Amy Hutton--William Lyon Phelph's "As I Like It" depicting
this as the age of informality.

Edith Green a little verse.

Mariana Miller read from the old minute-book of meetings at
Fair Hill--White Cottage--and Sherwood in 1867. Question: Where is the
silver tea strainer left at the meeting house about a year ago?
Rebecca Miller has it.

Emily Massey--Love a friend while he is still alive--a worth-

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