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April 7th, 1927.
838th Meeting

Southern hospitality was exemplified when the Association
met at Brooke Meadow, the home of Sallie R. Janney, on April 7th, 1927.
A most delicious luncheon was served after which the meeting was called
to order by Mary Hutton, acting for Sallie Adams.

The minutes of the last meeting at this place were read--and
those of the last meeting read and approved.

The Treasurer, Mary Tilton, reported having paid a bill of
$4.00 for loose-leaves for the Secretary's book--this leaving $11.90 on

No reports from Education or American Home Committees. Mary
Tilton reported a conference of the Social Service League and read the
monthly report of the work of the Social Worker.

No report from Resolution and Legislation.

Unfinished business:- The new members were present and gladly

County Federation--Mariana Miller gave a report of an Executive
Committee meeting telling of the Health Clinics--Better Homes work
etc. The Annual Meeting of the Montgomery County Federation of Women's
Clubs will be held at Glen Echo on May the twenty-fourth, beginning at
10 o'clock--the principal speaker to be Bishop E. Freeman.

Delegates to the State Federation: Margaret Jones and Mary
Tilton were elected and instructed to use their own judgement in voting.
The two resolutions sent out by the State Federation were endorsed--1.
A woman on the Board of Regents of the University of Maryland. 2. The
observance of all laws--including prohibition laws.

New Business--Estelle Moore moved that hereafter the order of business be changed so:

Next Meeting place
Sentiment of the Hostess
Contributions of members and guests

will come immediately after the reading of the minutes--making the order of business as follows:

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