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Miss Ellen Farquhar
Highly Esteemed Woman
Dies at Ninety Years

Miss Ellen Farquhar, 90 years old,
died January 17 at her home near
Sandy Spring. She was a daughter
of the late William Henry Farquhar,
and was a lifelong resident of the
county. Surviving her are many
relatives in this county and elsewhere.
Funeral services were held
Wednesday from the home, burial in
the Friends' Cemetery. Miss Farquhar
was a sister of the late Arthur
B. Farquhar millionaire manufacturer
of York Pa. and Allan Farquhar
of this county.

In the death of Miss Ellen Farquhar,
Montgomery County has lost
one of her oldest and most highly
esteemed citizens. Born August 25,
1836, in the same community where
she died, near Sanday Spring, she has
held a place in the hearts of her
neighbors and friends which cannot
be filled.

Although gentle of voice and of
quiet demeanor, she had strong convictions
and logical reasons to sustain
her belief. She had a most unusual
memory and her mind was
clear and bright to the end. She read
a great deal and kept in close touch
with what was going on in the
world. She read the Baltimore Sun
every day without glasses. Slight of
build, she ws however of strong
constitution. After her 90th birthday
she could be seen daily, as was
her custom, in her fine vegetable
garden or among her flowers, which
were the admiration of all who saw
them, and which she lovingly tended.
She was a botanist as well as
a grower of flowers. Before there
were trained nurses she was ever
ready to respond to the need of a
sick friend or neighbor. She taught
school for 19 years but gave up
teaching to care for her father and
mother in their declining years.

Her father was a man of fine attainments
and a prominent teacher.
He was of sturdy Scotch ancestry
his forefathers coming to this country
early in the 18th Century. They
belonged to the Society of Friends.
Her mother was a direct descendent
of Robert Brooke who came over
with Lord Calvert and settled at DelaBrooke
in Calvert County, Maryland.

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