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Mount Welcome
March 3rd 1927
837th Meeting

After a lapse of two months the Mutual Improvement Association
held its 837th meeting at Mt. Welcome the home of our Howard County member
Sallie Adams.
A delicious luncheon such as only the Janney girls know how
to prepare was served after which the meeting was called to order by
Mary Hutton our past hostess.

The minutes of the last meeting at this place were read for information
and the minutes of the December meeting were read and approved.
The Secretary was quite hoarse so Elizabeth T. Stabler was good enough to
do this reading.

A very beautiful tribute to our dear member Cousin Ellen
was prepared and read by Rebecca Miller and several other members testified
to the worth of one who helped us all so much. Margaret Jones moved that
this tribute be spread on the minutes and a copy sent to Helen Farquhar,
motion seconded and carried.

Margaret Jones reported that flowers had been sent and read a
beautiful note from Helen Farquhar.

It was reported by the treasurer Mary Tilton that after paying
the dues to the Montgomery County Federation of Women's Clubs there
is $6.90 on hand; the dues of the Maryland Federation of Women's clubs--
$5.00 3/4 being due.

The Chairman of Education Mary Nichols asked the Association
to contribute to Sherwood High School Library. Helen Hallowell moved that
if the Association has any funds this year for Educational purposes it
shall be used for the Sherwood Library. Motion duly seconded and carried.

Chairman of the American Home Helen Hallowell had attended a
meeting of the County Committee, Mrs. Humphrey Chairman, ---but the Association
did not take action on any of the suggestions from the meeting.

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