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our going out to inspect the garden, the
questions were asked round.

1st. Is it too late to sow small seeds?
No, but protect with boards.

2nd. How many watermelons should be
left in a hill?
4 in a hill & ten feet each way.
Plant squashes 1 to every three feet.

Quest. Is it better to cool milk as it is
milked before straining? Yes.

Quest. Are chickens hatched in June as
strong as those that come earlier? No.

Quest. How to keep potato bugs from
Egg plant. Use Paris Green.

Quest. How can we keep meat best in
Get a box 22 inches square, brace with
hoop iron. Then set directly on the ice.

Quest. Did the geraniums die in the
cellars last winter and does it pay to
keep them? No answer.

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