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from a party who would like the position of superintendent,
the interest seems to have abated in
the project, but if we should ever have a good
farming season again it might revise.

Quest. Are onion seeds two years old to be
depended on?
Ans - Henderson says not. It is suggested
to soak the seed in neat Camphor
water, which is said to be very stimulating
to germination.

Quest. Why do parsnip seed not germinate?
Ans Plant them with radish seed, they are
tender and do not push through hard ground

Quest. Can Asparagus be covered too deep?
Ans. It can, and it can't.

Quest. Is it time to plant seed for late
Yes. Drum Head savoy and flat dutch
are considered best for boiling and slaw.
To produce cabbage for late Spring, cut the

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