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experience, of blighted hopes, in any directions,
bugs and slugs, cut-crowns and droughts,
and all manners of unforeseen afflictions
seem to drop down upon us from all quarters
some from the plains of the far west, and
although scientists and nice men say the
Grass Hoppers cannot get over the mountains.
I fear we shall be invaded by them after they
finish up the Great West which work they seem
to be accomplishing at great speed. We
also paid a visit to the fascinating dairy of
our hostess, it would be a delightful retreat
for a hot summers day, even if it were not fitted
with the tempting rows of milk pans
covered with thick cream. after looking
around us for a while, we returned to the
parlor when the last minutes were read,
and being approved, the Laundry question
was brought up. The Committee Report
no more money raised. They had received
a letter asking various questions as to Library &c

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