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Wind.S.E. & N.W. Rain & Sleet Ther. 32o
Mon. March 16th, 1896.

Extremely disagreeable day.
Willie brought Alice Peirce over
soon after breakfast and left
her here. I went up to the store.
Afternoon Fletcher Clark was
here for advice & medicine
for his infant. I went to the
mill for some corn and middle
nys. Went in next door to
answer (over the telephone) a
note from Hallie Green who
Requested me to Reply in
that way. Towards evening
the wind changed to N.W. &
the Rain changed to snow
again. Edwd seems quite
unwell again. I walked down
to Sherwood School to see Mary
Hallowell & explain that
he could not attend to his
school duties until he is
better. I got a belladonna plaster
on his breast.

Wind. N.W. Clear. Ther.22
Tues. March 17th, 1896

"St. Patricks day" has been
an unusually fine one, so
far as the weather "overhead"
was conserned but towards
noon the Roads were "slushy"
and as disagreeable travelling
as could well be. Afternoon
Bro. Charles called & smoked
a pipe with me: he has one
of the worst colds or "grippe"
attacks he has ever had.
I went to the store & P.O. Reed
letter from T.H. Borden. I was
sent for & rode over to see
Fletcher Clark's infant son.

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