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[center]1864-5[center][right align]138[/right align]
[margin]Nov. 11th 1864[/margin]
of the gospel:

1. The Principal when present shall
preside, constitute the meeting with an invocation,
and close it with the benediction.

2. The members of Senatus shall
conduct the rest of the service, according to the
form agreed upon at last meeting, in the
following order: The Principal, Professor
Williamson, Prof. Mowat, Prof. Murray, Prof.

3. The turn of each member shall
continue for one week commencing with the

4. When any member is absent during
his turn, the Principal or any Professor
requested by the latter shall perform
the service.

[margin]Notes of apology[/margin]It was agreed that notes of apology
[margin]for absence[/margin]for absence from morning prayer or from
the classes be required from the students, except
in cases where dispensation has been
granted, and that the censors br instructed
to place in their books the following marks
with reference to absentees:

A blank = no excuse
S. = excuse is sickness
E.S. = excuse (not being sickness) is sustained
E.R. = excuse is rejected

[margin]Niven excused[/margin]At the request of David Niven a dispensation
[margin]from morn. service[/margin]from attendance on the Sabbath
Services was granted to him on the grounds
of his being engaged in teaching in a Sabbath
School at the hour of service.

[margin]Dispensation refused[/margin]The Senatus refused to grant a dis-
[right align]pensation[/right align]

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Lines 44-45 of transcription: the word "dispensation"is broken. The "pensation" part is a catchword, so the break was maintained.