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Ap. 24, 1877

[exami]ners to be in favour of then passing resolved
that the said eleven candidates
have passed their final examination in
Medicine, and agreed to confer and
hereby do confer the degree of Doctor
of Medicine (M.D.) upon each of them,
of these gentlemen Messrs. Phelan, Higgins,
Millar, and Bowen having
obtained ninety (90) percent of the
marks in three subjects at the written
examinations were exempted from an
oral examination.

The following subjects were
chosen for prize essays to be given
in for competition next session:
Prize by D.L. Macpherson: on The mission
of Britain to India
Prize by Edward G. Mallock, B.A.:
in the life and discoveries of Galileo
Prize by Alex. G. McBean B.A.: on
the modern doctine of energy
Prize by W.H. Fuller M.A. on
Lord Brougham
Prize by J. Thorburn: on the best
history of the County of Carleton

The above minutes were read
and sustained.

Closed with prayer
W. Snodgrass, D.D., Principal
J.B. Mowat, Secretary

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