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March 29 1875

III. In order to pass this examination candidates
must obain at least one fourth of
the marks allotted to each subject.

IV. Ungrammatical language , incorrect spellings,
or illegible writing shall be sufficient
reason for rejecting the papers of candidates.

IV. Honours

I. Honours shall be awarded for distinguished
merit at examinations but only
in one or more of the following departments,
and only when such merit
reaches the prescribed standard in all
the subjects of a department:

1. Classics including Latin and Greek
2. Mathematics and Natural Philosophy
3. Chemistry and Natural Science
4. Logic, Metaphysics and Ethics
5. Rhetoric, English Literature and History

II. Examinations for Honours in any
department shall be open to Candidates
only after they complete their attendance
on classics prescribed for graduation in
that department and provided they appear
at the first or second examination
for Honours after completing such attendance.

III. If a candidate shall present himself
at the first examination for Honours
after completing the prescribed attendance
on classics and shall fail at that examination
on any subject or subjects, he
may present himself at the next examination
for Honours for examination in the subject
or subjects on which he may have previously

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