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Oct. 7th 1872

6. Gilbert Patterson
7. James George Stuart

For Cataraqui scholarship
1. William John Gibson
2. Donald Malcolm McIntyre

For College scholarship
1. Robert Shaw

Closed with prayer,

W. Snodgrass, D.D., Principal
J.B. Mowat, Secretary


Oct. 8th 1872

Queen's University October 8th 1872

The Senate met and was constituted by Prof.

Sederunt Professors Williamson, Mowat,
Mackerras, Ferguson, and Dupuis.

The minutes of the meetings held on
the 3d and 7th inst. were read and approved.

list of matriculants

On a review of the examinations it was
found that all the candidates had obtained
the number of marks requisite for matriculating,
and they were accordingly declared
to have matriculated, ranking in the following

First year
1. James George Stuart
2. Patrick Anderson Macdonald
3. John Alexander Lindsay
4. George Claxton
5. John Mowat Duff
6. John McLaren
7. Hugh Cameron
8. Gilbert Patterson

Second year
1. William Mundell

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