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Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence
Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs. Part II.
and the Staff Manual respectively. Title Pages
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38th Batt Canadians

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Army Form C2118

Original - Confidential
War Diary for the month of September/16


Summary of Events and Information

Place -- Date -- Hour -- Summary of Events and Information Remarks and
references to


Ypres Salient -- 1916
Kemmil Front - Sept. 1 -- -- Battalion in Trenches. Transport at Quebec Camp. -- RBOS

do -- 2 -- -- Battalion in Trenches - Surprise mounts commenced
Gas alert at Transprt Lines 11.30 pm to 1.30 am Sep 3. -- [RBOS]

do -- 3 -- 1030 am -- Transport Lines broke Camp, proceeding to Locre & there
established First Line Transport. -- [RBOS]

do -- 4 -- -- Patrol report. Listening Patrol from midnight till 1. am
Sep 5th Could hear no hostile patrols moving about
and no working parties. Our artillery quiet. Bombing
etc. nil. Machine guns occasionally. Sniping nil.
Listening patrols only.

Enemey's Artillery quiet. Their bombing - nil. Machine
guns occasionaly. Rifle fire desiltory. Sniping nil.
None of enemy's patrols discovered [d], their attitude
passive - Nothing was observed in connection with the
ebeny's trenches and works, aircraft or identification. -- [RBOS]

do -- 5 -- 2 am -- Slight shelling by our Artillery. Our bombing was quiet.
Machine guns intermittent. Sniping was occasional with
indirect fire at Hop Point - during the night - Our patrols
established a listening post.

Enemy's activity - Artillery quiet. Bombing nil - Machine
guns intermittent. Rifle fire slight. Sniping from
Relack Redoubt. Patrols nil. Attitude Passive. Trenches
and works nil. One enemy Biplane observed at 2.30 pm. -- [RBOS]


2449 Wt. W14957/M90 750,000 1/16 J.B.C. & A. Forms/C.2118/12

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