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Office of the Board of Trustees
of the Ohio University
Athens Ohio July 28th 1904 1. PM
[inserted] Called
July 28.1904 [end inserted] A called meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Ohio
University was held at its Office in Ewing Hall on the
28th day of July-1904-at-1-P-M pursuant to written
notice duly given by its Secretary to all of the members of
the Board.
[inserted] Call of Roll [end inserted] President Ellis called the meeting to order, a call of
the roll was had showing the following members of
the Board to be present: to wit; Alston Ellis President
of the O.U. V.C Lowrey. L.M.Jewett - R.E. Hamblin_A
Lene. L.J Fenton _ J.E Benson. E. J .Jones J.M Welch
J.P. Wood_ Albert Douglas - Thomas Blackstone.
I.M. Foster_ T. R. Biddle and Henry. O' Bleness,
being a legal quorum of said Board, nine members
thereof ; under the laws of Ohio, constituting such
quorum ~
[inserted] Summer
School [end inserted] President Ellis read to the Board his report of
the Expenditures of the Summer School of the Ohio
University which report was received by the
Board and ordered to be placed on file in the
Secretarys Office.
[inserted] Degrees [end inserted] President Ellis read to the Board the following report to wit
"Athens, Ohio, July 28th 1904.
To the Board of Trustees of the Ohio University.
By action of the Faculty of Ohio University
I recommedn for your favorable consideration the following
named parties to receive the honors specified -
Eli_ Christian Hedrick, Bachelor of Pedagogy . (B.Ped).
Murray Franklin Smith Bachelor of Science. (B S).
Clement. Eugene Bachelor of Philosophy _ (B-Ph)
May. Templer , Diploma in Elementary Education
Edward Allen Mills_ Diploma in Short Course in
Electrical Engineering,
Respectfully Submitted
Alston. Ellis.
President of the Ohio University.

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