Los Amigos records, 1947-1952



Los Amigos records, 1947-1952
Los Amigos was a minority student organization founded at Ohio University in 1947. Membership consisted primarily of African American students. The organization's goal was to provide social and spiritual activities and promote cultural and intellectual advancement for its members, as well as to foster a strong sense of unity at Ohio University by sponsoring social events such as dances and plays. The club was also instrumental in achieving social change and combating restaurant discrimination in the Athens area. The dissolution date of this club is unknown. - See the records in our public access system under Ohio University Archives-General at https://bit.ly/ou-ua-losamigos. - See the club in the Athena yearbooks for spellings of names: 1948 at https://bit.ly/ou-ua-los-amigos-1948, 1949 at https://bit.ly/ou-ua-los-amigos-1949, at 1950 https://bit.ly/ou-ua-los-amigos-1950. - See the finding aid at http://rave.ohiolink.edu/archives/ead/OUN0388.


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