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Greeks wrote with a reed pen.
Egyptians wrote with a brush.
In general Sefardi (Iberian peninsula +
N. Africa) scribes used reed pens, while the Ashkenazim
(N. + East Europe) used quills.
Haggadah - books of prayers + recitations read at
the Passover sedu.
Kabbalah - esoteric + mystic teachings of Judaism
Mishuah - collection of oral laws ed. by R.
Judah ha Nasia towards the end of the
2nd C.
Talmud - body of teaching which comprises the
commentary + discussions of the Mishnah
by the amorian (3-5 C. Rabbis)
The Baby. Talmud comprises the discussions
carried on in the academies fo Baby.
The Jerusalem Talmud - those originating the J.

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- Many of the 1st printers + publishers were
ecclesiastics - clerics, secular priests, monks +
- It was not the Persians or Arabs who opposed printing.
Rather it was the Ottoman Turkish conquerors who
imposed restrictions against printing upon the Arab
population. It was this prohibition 9not hostility to non-
handwritten Korans) that squelched Arabic printing in
the Near East until it was introduced by Mohammed Ali
in Egypt in 1822.

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