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Fray Maturino

leaf book E. Schaffer - "The New Worlds; need of a printing press had
been apparent to the missonaries from the tiem of their
Z 232 G 46 S45 (1963) HEHL arrival + eventually the petitions of Fray Juan de
Zumarraga, the 1st bishop of Mexico were answered.
20 years after the coming of Cortez, a press was sent to
Mexicoby the House of Cromberger in Seville. It was
set up in Mexico City by Juan Pablos, a member of
that firm, who thus became the 1st to practive his
craft in the Western Hemisphere. (an Italian, born
Giovanni Paoli, a native of Bresica) From its
beginning the Mexican Press was devoted almost
exclusively to the promulgation of Christianity.
The 3 great religious orders which evangelized Mexico
the Augustinians, Dominicans + Franciscans were
active in the production of books in the native
languages of the Indians, the Franciscans to a
marked degree."

J. Pablos - June 15, 1559 "Dialogo de doctrina Christiana
en la lengula de Mechuacan" was completed. The
title page woodcut was taken from E. Whitchurch's
See #504 - ed. of 1548 "Paraphrase fo Erasmus upon the Newe
Testament." The woodcut had 1st appeared 5 yrs.
earlier in the Dialectica of Aristotle ed. by Fray
Allonso de la Vera Cruz.
J. Pablos employed A. de Espinosa who had come
to Mexico in 1550 + worked fro him for some 8 yrs.
Espinosa was to prove to be 16th C. Mexico's
finest printer. In 1559 Espinosa started work
on his own + printed a Latin Grammer by
Father Gilberti.

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