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Murray #68 [Bible Cuts] Stimmer (Job.)
Neue Kunstliche Figuren.4 Basle, T.
Gevarin, 1576. 136 cuts O.T> 34 cuts N.T.
Gothic letter, sm. 4^0 (81/4 x 6)
- Supplt. to Brunet, II 666 "Le Manuel ne cite
de ce recueil precieux que l'edition latine
de. 1590"
-cut c. 60x83mm within a full page border
of architectual designs with figures + emblems
There are 170 cuts in all. 92 leaves,
Murray #69 [Bible cuts] Stimmer (T.)
Sacrorum Bibliorum Figurae. Strassb.,
B. Jobin. 1590 8^0
170 cuts (same as 1576 ed) with only narrow
borders round each page. 96 leaces, unnumbered
Mortimer (French) #502 Strada, Jacobus de,
Epitome thesavi antiquitum, 4^0, Lyons:
J. de Tournes, for the authors + T. Gueris
Nov. 6, 1553.

-Printing was introduced into Basel by Berthold
Ruppel of Hanau, a pupil of Gutenberg.

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