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A Backward Glance
Pacific Grove, CA.
July '02

Biblia Sacra, Secundum editionem Vulgatam.
Basel: Thomas Guarinus, 1591 8^0
See #88 Ref: Notis Darlow + Moule, German S.T.C. p. 87
Copy: British Library, Bancroft Library

Regum I Cop XV :4 - XVI: 11
pages 285 + 6 Woodcut

T. Guarinus printed the 1st Spanish translation
of the complete Bible, Basel, Sept. 1569.
D + M. 8472. containing the printer's device of
a bear stealing honey from a tree which is
similar to the one used by Apiarius of Berne (1569-90).

(1529-1592) Thomas Guarin. Var: Guarinus, Guarin, Guerinus
Basel: 15571592 (d.)
Lyon: 1549?-1556.
A native of Tournay. He 1st settled at Lyons
as a bookseller, but in 1557 we find him at Basel.
Where he married Elizabeth Isengri's, the
daughter fo the printer Michael Isengri's. On
his father-in-laws death, he took over his printing
business; many bibles issued from his presses to
which Tobias Stimmer supplied the illustrations.
His device was a palm tree. We also have of him:
Plutarch, Moralia quae usurpantua, 1572.
Home - zur Krone, now callsed zur Muche, Freiestrasse, 45.

Adam #1086 Biblia sacra, secundum editionem vulgatam
Basel (pet-exud. - Thomam Guerinum, 1578. 8^0.
I. pp 612 II pp 251, 224

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