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Biblia latina.
See #474 Venice: Reynaldus de Novimagio and Theodorus
de Reyhsburch, 1478 f^0
Ref: Goff B-556 Hc 3070 Pell 2298, Polain (B) 650
Oates 1779 Pr 4431 BMC V254 GW 4231.
Cop: LC, New L, NYPL, YUL,

my leaf Liber Job. Capitulum I --> IIII A^10 BC^12
a-h^10-i-1^12; m-t^10 v^14; x-zzↄ aa-gg^10 hh^8; ii-ll^10 mm^12 nn-pp^10 qq^12;
456 leaves, the 1st + last blank. 2 col., 3 in the Interpretationes.
3^a: 53 lines + headline, 206 (222) x 132mm.
Types: 150G headlines, 1st words of books
(p2) heading type of a class common in Venice.
The capitals vary greatly in size. D, N, R, T being
disproportionately large. Haebler's M98. Straight
shanked r. The measurement is approximate. In use
in 1477-81

77 G (P') small text type. Ornate capitals, mostly
double backed, D, H, M, N, O, P, Q, V are double crossed
as wel; M very wide, h c tail level c line, short single
slanting hyphen. In use in 1477-79, 81.
Capital spaces c guide letters. The headlines give
the names of the book.

The output of the printer (at 1st collaborating c
Theodore de Reyhsburch) remains regular from 14
June 1477, his 1st definite date, to the autumn of 1483.
There is then a break until 1486 from which year he
appears to have worked intermittently until April 1491,
when there is another break, the last groups of
books being finished at various times between
Sept. 1495 + Oct. 1496.

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