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In the Apocrypha only 2 texts appear - the Vulgate +
the Septuagint (c its interlinear Latin), the later
printed in 2 col. on either side of the Vulgate.

Vol. 2 - Iosve (Josve)
3 - Esdras - Lex. he. i. Esd.
4 - Esaias - begins a^3 (Incipit Esaias propheta)
HΣAiAΣ Lex. he. Esa.
my leaf b^1 (of 6) Isaiah 7: 1--> 22.
Esa lxvi --> ends on i^1 (of 6)
followed by Hieremias
Lex. he. hiere.
Isaiah delivered his prophetic messages in the
last 4 decades of the 8th C. B.C. during the reigns
of 4 kings: Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz + Hezekiah.

Bibles printed in Spain
1) 1478 Valencia - single leaf only survives. GW. 4322 Goff B-622
* 2) 1514-17 Complutensian polyglot.
3) 1584-85 (86) Biblia Sacra, cum duplici translatione, +
scholiis Francisci Vatabli. Salamanca: [Ildefonsus +
Tenanova y Neyla, for] G. de Portonarius, G. Rouillé, +
B. Boyer - folio D + M. 6176 Palau. 29047
4) 1767 - Ibara's edition.
Complutensian Polyglot - did major violence to the Hebrew text
adapting + organizing it to conform to the Vulgate tradition.
Although the textual contribution of the various languagues had
some significance for later 16th C ed., only the Greek Septuagint
version of the O.T. - this being the editio princeps - has any
textual value for modern scholars
the 1st Hebrew Bible printed by Christians + the 1st in
which the Church had a hand.

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