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Andrew Stewart
Helpringham, England
Dec. '99
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Tortellius, Johannes. (born at Arezzo about 1400, died about 1466)
Orthographia (Ed. Hieronymus Albertucci Bononius)
Treviso: Hermannus Liechtenstein for Michael
Manzolus, 2 Apr. 1477 f^0 + 4^0
Variant, colophons known giving either the name
of the printer or the publisher
Ref: HC. 15565. Polain (B) 3791. Pr 6469-6480
BMC VT 887, 891 Goff T-396
Copy: HEHL, LC, WArt GL

De Orthographia dictionum e Graecis tractarum.
Printed for Manzolus by Liechtenstein, whose name
is substituted for that of anzolus in some copies.
345 leaves, the 1st + last blank. 8^a, 44 lines.
212x125mm. Types: 96R (P3) light text type
on large body. Single Qu, M c irregular diagonals,
large O, bowl of b circular + of medium size.
Gk A large heavy Greek, fount lower case only.
Capital spaces; also some spaces for Greek.
First letter of each paragraph in the vocabularly set out.
Quue I, sheets K2, 3, quires i-l and sheet m^3 are quarto,
-- the book ends c some noteworthy verses by the editor on the
happy invention of printings + the revolution effected by it.
Tortellius - Grammarian + Papal librarian of Pope Nicolas V (1447-1455
H. Liechtenstein, the 2nd printer of Vicenza, + like his
predecessor there a native of Cologne, began his career as
printer in Vicenza, printing a few books in Treviso
in 1477, returning to Vicenza, + finally settling in Venice.
(d. 1497)

rub. in
red + blue

my leaf is i' (of 10) --> a 4^0 (quarto)
L begins on h^2 (of 8)
ends on i^3 (of 10)

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