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Andrew Stewart
Helpringham, England
Jan '95 3L = $4.60

Augustinus, Aurelius - Plurima Opuschula sancti augustini.
Opuscula. De academicis (with other tracts. Ed. by
Thaddeus Ugoletus - with additions by Severinus Chalcus
See #287 Venice: Peregrinus de Pasqualibus, Bononiensis,
10 Nov. 1491. 4^0 Dialectica. giii 5i
Ref: Goff A-1222, HC 1953 Pell 1464 IGI 1020. Pr 4859
BMC V 392 GW 2869
Cop: BMawr CL, B Pub L, Basel OB, Prague UB, Freiburg i Br UB
Folg SL. UKyL
[*^2] a-q^8 r^4. 134 leaves, the last 2 blank, 3-132 numbered
I (red_ - 131 [sic]. 2 col. 4a: 54 lines + headline
Type: (P16) 170G. title + headlines in a-e. Tail of h curled
below line. In use 1491 + 2
(P13) 79 G other headlines. Text tyep with curly tailed h.
Double crossed as well as diamonded H. In use 1489-91.
67 G (P15) small text tyep. In use 1491 + 92.
80 (67) Gk lower case only. In use 1491-94.
Capital spaces, some with guide letters.

Contents: De academicis, de ordine, soliloquis, grammatica,
rhetorica, dialectica, de moribus ecclesiae catholicae,
de animae quantitate, de libero arbitrio, de magista,
de opere monachorum, de bono perseurantiae.
c^7 b Grammatica.
f^8 a Rhetorica.
3^3 a Categoriae X
h^3 a De moribus eccelsiae Catholicae.

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