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St. Thomas Aquinas - Italian philosopher & Doctor of the Church,
the greatest figure of Scholasticism, one of the principal
saints of the Catholic Church.

Sancti Thomae Aquinatis - doctoris angelic -
Ordinis Praedicatorum - Commentum - In Quatuor
Libros Sententiarum - Magistri Petri Lombardi
St. Thomas
Aquinas -
Vol 6 & 7
* - Liber Primus - De Mysteris Trinitatis
Distinctio I - XLVIII
- Liber Secundus - De Rerum Corporalium et
Spiritualium Creatione et Forunatione,
Aliisque Pluribus eo Pertinentibus.
Distinctio I - XLIV
- Liber Tertius - De Incarnatione Verbi
Distinctio I - XL
- Liber Quartus - De Sacramentis
Distinctio I - L
Commentary, I Sentences, VIII. i. 2, ad 2
"The being of creatures is not through anything else if the word
through denotes the intrinsic formal cause; if it denotes the
exemplar and efficient cause, then their being is through divine
being, not through themselves."
- a leaf from what was once a very handsome manuscript of an
important text, which was one of the definitive text-books of
the Middle Ages which crowned several centuries of study in
Biblical exegesis, in doctrine & in Canon Law.
St. Thomas Aquinas's commentary on the Sentences of P. Lombard
which is considered to be his earliest major work, composed [insert] (St. Jacques) [end insert] in 1254 - 6.
At that time he had recently arrived in Paris from Cologne,
where he had studied under Albert Magnus (regent master at Paris 1242 - 48.
1229 - Dominicans [?opened?] their general Theological school
at St. Jacques in Paris.

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