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Book Fair -
Los Angeles
(Maggs Bros)
Feb. 1986

Thomas Aquinas (1226? - 1274)
Super primo libro sententiarum.
Original leaves from
famous books #6
Italy. 2nd half 15th c. (1470) Otto Ege MSS collection #40
See #
Vellum lcaf, with one 3 - line initial in red & many
paragraph marks in red & blue alternately. Written in
a small humanistic [insert] book [end insert] hand with brown ink, double
columns of 37 lines. Page ruled with a style. p. 63
Size of leaf : 289 x 215 m - wide margins.
Handsome manuscript of St. Thomas Aquinas
Commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard.
See Maggs bulletin # 11 - 29.
13 - 29
15 - 89
Cat 1172#106
IV & V
Liber Primus
Distinctio VIII Quaest.
Scripta super libros Sententiarum - a theological synthesis
elaborated while Aquinas was lecturing at [insert] St. Jacques [end insert] Paris on
The Sentences, c 1256.
Vol. 192
Bishop of Paris [insert] c 1100- [end insert] (d. 1160) Italian Theologian.
Petrus Lombardus - Quatuor Libni Sententiarum - the standard
medieval univ. textbook for the study of theology which remained
in use to the 18th c. It was not only the basis of all later
theological science in its doctrine, it was the [crossed out] [illegible] [end crossed out] basis in
a much more literal sense, for the majority of the subsequent
Theological works were written in the form of
commentaries on the Sentences. The one & only Paris printed
ed. of the foremost of all Paris textbooks, does not appear until
1508 xp.
-Book of Sentences - completed around 1150-52. 4 books - deal
respectively with God, Creation, Incarnation & Redemption &
finally, Sacraments & The Last Things.
-St. T. Aquinas in [insert] (1252-7) [end insert] 1254-6, commented on the Sentences, although the
importance of the commentaries as an endorsement of Peter Lombard
is somewhat eclipsed by the fact that Thomas later felt a
need to compose his Summa Theologies to introduce better order into
the treatment of theological topics.
-his earliest great work, in reality a series of public lectures.

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