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In the first printed French Bible the text of the 13th C
was adapted. It was edited by Julian Macho & Peter
Farget & published at Lyons in 1477. A later one printed
by Verard is undated. It embodied a revision made by
John de Rely, confessor to Charles VIII. The book was
probably printed about 1498 when the press of Verard was
still located at the address "Sur le pont nostre dame."

Hoe Cat pt. 2 *663
Le premier (et second) volume de la Bible en Francoise
(Translated by Raoul de Presles) Lettres batarde,
double col. titles within architectural woodcut borders, &
229 woodcuts, reprinted of those by Verard in the edition of 1515
Rare. Paris: Nicolas Couteau pour Oudin
Petit, 1541.

Bettye Thomas Chambers - Biblio. of French Bibles (1983) 15 & 16th c.
#87 le premier vol. de la Bible en Francois
Paris, N. Couteau for Oudin Petit, 1541.
fol. (257x158mm.) 2 col., 97 b. l, 53 ll, illust. 20 l. of text measure 97mm (black letter)
fol. [10] 112, 165 [1]; [10] 144, 113 [1]
Vol. I (24 Aug.) 1-112 Genese - Ruth
1-165 I Roys - Psaultier
Vol. II (23 Nov.) 1-144 Paraboles - 11 Machabees
1-113 Matthieu - Apocalypse

Brunet II: 183-4*, Graesse II: 235 LeLong 326
Copy: Orleans BM: A 124 (lacks title leaf I), Paris, Bibliotheque du, Protestantsine francois (fonds Andre) A
Bible historiale (BH [c1510] ver); probably copied from
BH 1537-38 bon. This ed. was printed by N. Coutesu for
O. Petit, Madelaine Boursette window of Francois Regnault d. with 1540-41
and Ambroise Girault. Petit must have been the
dominant partner in the venture

VE (B) 42
Van Eys Part I
*1541, Nov. 23, 2 tom. in fol. en caracteres goth.

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