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May 76
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Bible (French)
Nicolaus Couteau - Paris - 1541 - 53 lines
Genesis 16-17 De Genese fueillet XV

Williams T. Van Eys - Bibliographic des Bibles et des Nouveaux
Testaments ou langue francaise des XV & XVI siecle
(Geneve 1900-1) #42

Nicolaus Couteau - 1524-1547. (See Philippe Renouard (1965))
Gilles Couteau - 1491-1523
Antoine Couteau - 1524-1533

In fol. goth à 2 col., avec titres courants (quelquefois unis) et
nombreuses gravures, composé de 8 ff. n. ch. + CXII ch. + CLXV ff.
ch. + 8 ff. n. ch. + CXLiiij ch.

French Bibles - all editions down to 1550 are printed in black
letter. After 1551 all are in roman character.
- the modern history of our subject begins in 1523 with the
appearance from the press of Simon de Colines of an anonymous
translation of the New Testament, which can be ascribed with a
high degree of probability, if not absolute certainty, to
Jacques Le fèvre d'Étaples (Faber Stapulensis) The Old
Testament was printed at Antwerp in 1528, both together
(the Antwerp Bible) in 1530 (#29 Van Eds) There were
new editions, with considerable corrections in 1534 & 1541.

E. Pétavel, La Bible en France (Paris, 1864)
- most of the early printed editions for which the title Bible
was used, reproduce in one form or another the text of
the medieval Bible Historiée (about the end of the 13th C.
Guyant des Moulins canon of St. Piere d'Aui composed
a Bible Historiée)
1530 Antwerp - 1st available authentic translation of the Bible in print
for French speaking people - Jacques Le Fèvre d'Etaples
(1450-1536) a Benedictine monk of St. Germain des Près.

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