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Feb. 76

Breviarium Cisterciense
Strassburg: Johann (Reinhard) Gruninger -> printed 1482-1531
8[vo]; not before 1487 (not b. 1500) (72x108mm)
Goff B1136 N.B. edited as in GW 5198
Ref: Reichling 436; Voull (B) 2319, 5; GW 5199 Vol. 5 Latin
Copies HEHL, Univ. of N. Carolina Library, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Edited by Nicolaus Salicetus by order of John, abbot of Citeaux. Johannes Felkenstein, con.
Goft B 1135 B C Basel: Peter Kollicker + JOhann Meister
4 Nov. 1484, 8 0 copies HEHL (-)
GW 5199 Im Auftrage des Abtes Johann von Citeaux
hrsg. von Nicolaus Salicetus
2 Sp. 34 Z. Typen: 15: 64 G, 30: 48 G Init. b, i.
Schwarz und rot gedruckt.
1) Kalenderium - a cycle of festivals for the church year
movable 2) Proprium de Tempore (for various times of the Church year)
3) Psalterium - Commune sanctorium
fixed 4) Proprium de sanctis (about the saints)
cycle of festivals for saints

Type 64A (BMC) Gruninger - Small text type - used in 1491,
1493, 1496-1500. Majuscules from other fonts, mostly
smaller, found mixed with it, but rarely: heavy (Lombard)
majuscules occur occasionally. Idistinguishable from
Pruss 65 save by double hyphen + absence of
paragraph mark.

P114 BMC Goff B 1173 Breviarium Olomucense (Olmütz Breviary) 23 Oct. 1499
8[vo] 372 leaves, 2 col. 38 lines, 122x96mm.
(Strassburg) Copies HEHL GW 5415

"kalendas septebris" - 1st day of Sept. Dominica XII (Sunday)
- Ecclesiastes - 1 - The work of
the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem.

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