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1st ed. tone of the great illustrated incunables (in William
Morris's opinion "the best executed illustrations in any
medieval book") The text & pictures are a record of a
pilgrimage to Jerusalem & St. Catherine of Sinai in 1483-
89 by Breydenbach, dean of Mainz Cathedral & several
noblemen of the region. An artist, E. Renwich of
Utrecht accompanied them, & the cuts are based on his
drawings. Possibly Renwich is to be identified to the
anonymous artist known as the Hausbuchmeister.
Renwich names himself in the colophon as the book's
printer. Because the types are Schoeffer's, it has often
been supposed that Shoeffer was the actual printer.
But several aspects of composition & layout differ from
the current practice of Schoeffer's shop. e.g. the widely
variable page-lineation, reflecting forme-selling from
poorly-estimated copy.

Breydenbach's journey to Palestine & Mt. Sinai, in
company to other Mainz patricians & local noblemen, extended
from 25 April 1483 to 2 Feb. 1484. The artist of
the woodblocks, E. Renwich, names himself as printer,
but the typographical materials are Peter Schoeffer's.

HEHL 85681 my leaf A3 (of 8) rubricated in red
GW 5075 / a6 b6 c2+2+2+2 d2 e2 f2+2 - h2+2 i8 - u8 x10 y2+2+2 z8 A8
163 b - Colophon 164 blank (164 Blat) 42-44 lines
Stanford copy - rubricated in red + blue capitals touched with yellow
BMC a b6 c-p8 q10 r-s8 +3 sheets of 2 leaves each not founing
part of quires + unserted in different [crossed out] copies [end inserted] places in
different copies.

after De Rodie -
De captione civitatis ydruntine
De regimine pegrinatiu in trafmars scribit Hali
medicus in nuc modum
De cautela contra vediculos acpulices et muscas
in mari Hali vbi supra

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