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At ½ past 10 last evening the town was alarmed by the cry of fire, which proved to be the Widow Eunice Lawrence's Wood house. Every exertion was adopted to suppress the fire without the loss of the building, without effect. The loss was not very great, by what means the fire took place is not ascertained.

The business of the place this year is, and has been, this year uncommonly brisk 10 Ships has been fitted out and sailed in the Whaling service, and in addition 9 New Ships have been added to the fleet, the Cost of the latter is estimated at 400,000 $ and the 10 old ones at 300,000 $. The names of the new Ships here follows and their principal owners

Names of Ships Masters names Principal Owners
Monticello Benjamin Coggeshall John H Shaw
Navigator Elisha Fisher Matthew Crosby
Columbia George Joy Charles & Henry Coffin
Edward Carey Tobey James Athearn
Narragansett Charles W Coffin Jared Coffin
Massachusetts Seth Nickerson Nathaniel Rand
David Paddack John Hussey Jnr David Jones
Potomac Isaac B Hussey T & P Macy
United States Calvin Worth Barrett & Upton
A new Steamboat that will probably Cost 40000 $ to run between here and New Bedford daily. And a house of entertainment to be attached to the [TOWER?] for the accomodation [ACCOMMODATION] of passengers. A contract for the Boat is made and will probably be finished in 5 o/m next. The old one to be continued for a tow boat &c [ECETERA] &c [ECETERA]

In addition to the above Camels are about being built to take out over the Bar & bring in Ships with their full Cargos on board.
Peter F Ewer seems to be the leading character to carry on the building the Camels, he has already obtained more than one half the subscribers to carry on the building the Camels.

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