Trustees Records, Vol. 7, 1886 (page 364)




Status: Complete


Representatives Appointed
Voted that Representatives be designated for
lots as follows:

#559 Robert D. Reynolds of Boston Grandson
1117 Frances C. Prindle " [of] New York Daughter
1392 Herbert L. Fenno " [of] Canton Nephew
1800 John H. Wyeth " [of] Boston Son
3694 Adelaide L. Newton " [of] Somerville Daughter
4088 Velma M. Morse " [of] Boston Daughter
4442 Mary E. Cloutman " [of] Somerville Daughter
5986 Eleanor Patterson " [of] Geneva, N. Y. Daughter

Alex. A. Barker Letters from Family
The President stated that he had received letters from the
family of Alexander A. Barker to whom a gratuity was voted
at the meeting of June 20, in which they expressed their
appreciation of, and entire satisfaction with, the action
of the Board.

Lot 4325 Petition of Alden E. Viles, Esq'r.
A petition 458 having been received from Alden E. Viles, Ex-
ecutor of, and Trustee under, the will of Abram F. Rowe, deceased,
the former owner of Lot No. 4375 which was re-conveyed
by him to the Corporation in trust asking for leave to re-
move therefrom the Headstone erected by the said Abram
F. Rowe to the memory of his first wife, and to replace
the same by a larger and better granite Monument, it
was voted that the subject be referred to the President,
with power.

Vesper Lot REquest for P. C. of Grave
A request 459 having been received from Mrs. E. J. A. Higgins
to be allowed to deposit a sum of money sufficient to pro-
vide for the perpetual care, with plants, of a Grave in

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