Trustees Records, Vol. 7, 1886 (page 365)




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Vesper Lot in which she is interested, it was voted that the
President be requested to investigate the matter and report
thereon at the next meeting.

Improvements at Cemetery Comparative Statement of Receipts and Expenditures
The President read to the Board a comparative statement 460
of receipts and expenditures for the period of eight months
from January 1. 1905 and January 1. 1906, respectively, and also
read a report from the Superintendent in regard to certain
improvements which are needed at the Cemetery, which he
supplemented by remarks setting forth the necessity of
making such improvements at an early day; and, upon
motion by Mr Choate, it was Voted that the President be
requested to report at the next meeting of the Board as to
the order in which such improvements should be taken
up and carried out.

Spruce Ave. Drainage of
The Superintendent, as directed by the vote of the Board
at the meeting of June 20, presented a report 461 upon
the subject of the proper method of draining that
portion of Spruce Avenue at the end of Acacia Path so
as to prevent the accumulation of standing water at that
point, and, after discussion of the different methods
suggested in the report, it was voted that the desired
result could best be obtained by tunnelling the hill
from the junction of Spruce Avenue and Saffron Path
to the stone drain in Law Avenue, thus permitting the
surface water to descend by gravity through the tunnel
and said stone drain in Lawn Avenue to the Charles River,
and that the President be authorized, in the name and

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"... for the period of eight months
from January 1. 1905 and January 1. 1906, ..."

A bit mathematically challenged in that the period subsequently described is 12 months!