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[inverted text above]

yesterday & today I have been carving out some
pipe bowls from the sweet brier root which is
found here in abundance, for [Eppe?] & Emily and the
first oppertunity I have I shall send them home

[beginning of letter]

In Camp near Murfreesboro Tenn
Jan 25th 1863

My Dear, dear, wife

Once more I feel
well enough to write you a few lines, - I
am very weak yet, and tonight my
supper distresses me, so you must not
look for any thing very cheerful.

I wrote a few words to you three days ago
stating how I had been, well I am by
no means entirely recovered but am so that
I can say that I am convalescent, - I have
done no work of any kind for nearly three
weeks, neither have I ate anything, and if
I had been at home, I should no doubt have
had a [run of fines?], but I was bound to
keep it off if possible and have succeeded so
but I tell you it takes an awful stiff
upper lip, and the most determined resolution
to wear off an attack of sickness here, but I
just made up my mind that I would not
get clear down, but I came awful near it
though, I think, by the way I feel even now
and by the appearance of my sunken countenance
- but I expect to recover very quick, when I get
at it, every one does here when they have had
a time at it as I have

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