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everything looks very gloomy & dark about
this war, don't it? and what looks the darkest
about the whole to us is, that these mean
cowardly traitors at the north, who would
not only not raise their own arm to crush this
war but are doing every thing they can to prevent
others from doing it, are raising their voices to
create dissensions at home, and by trying to
refuse men and means, upon the Presidents
basis of operations, - Indianna has to day received
a just rebuke from one of her regiments that
is in our Brigade the 22nd - they have been
in service 18 months, and have seen hard
active service and their ranks have been
fearfully thinned and they voted to day that
Indiana must sustain the Administration
in his emancipation proclamation, and that
she must furnish men and means for the war
- every man voted that.

The truth is, we all want the war brought to
an end, we are sick and tired of it, and often
in a fit of despondency, or the blues, we may
say settle ^it any way, but honestly, and sincerly
we have no desire of the kind

I wish Ephraim would keep me posted up on the
politocal matters, a little, also the expressions of
opinion with regard to the new congress, whether
it is thought they will try and force Lincoln
to an extra session or not, - a congress elected

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