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their improvement - If you pardon me - write and
let me know how your time passes - how these
morning hours w'h are like the wings of the bird
that arise above little earth with the sun.
But if you are not in good health yet I will drop
my inquisition. I hear with gladness that ?Hatie is
well and the children. This day is sabbath & the
anniversary of my brothers death. Could I see you I
would ease my conscience by confessing some of the
load w'h long retrospection gives. Is it strange that sins
w'h negligence or temper or ignorance seem to cause re-
turn year after year day day after day with the same
weight? That there is no oblivion till death gives
us an interview with him who can absolve forever & ever
However high our principles we fail - daily [insert] fail or [/insert] think something
w'h disgraces them. There is matter deep enough for
speculation. But I knew you have never had time
or place or heart to fail as I have - so you can't
sympathise. And I write in posts as the sun is
going & this letter is sent by Mr F tomorrow who
may go from Boston to Concord. Then you will all
write & send me your husbands "essays". If [cross out] it [/cross out] this is
put in the office in the City any ? that he
will take from Thomas? items ten days hence.
Or Thomas can put them in a ?pucket or boat.

The God of love who gives us to rejoice
in every condition be with you both & children
in the order of [exeplounary?] & bounty prays
M M Emerson
I have been confined with lameness, but better a little.
Have written to Lisbeth at Boston.

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