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w'h when in healthy exercise surpasses accounting for
by naturalism or the understanding
and independent on circumstances. Do you not find
however, that much speculation damps it? It's given
her charm is that it a "life hidden" - it's light in
action is seen & diffuses over others - but its stillest
emotions are too [?frivolous?] to be handled and analysed.
it appears from those who have ?tested? the most of
the powers of the ?west to come. They have been
the simple bible readers and plain prayers who have
written their principles with their blood or made more
lasting sacrifices by the long martyrdom of obscure suf-
fering. Where would have been chanity - patriotism and
all those visitors w'h render this earth worthy? The in-
spection of Angels, had all men like Goethe (who I wish
had not intruded so unrespectedly when I wanted to enlarge
people with my ?dear ?Lilian), surrrounded themselves with
rainbows of poetry & letters, with the utmost indiffer-
ence to the great questions of morals & human woe
& weal? I know that the great disposer would navi-
gate this ?tale? with endless varity and happy for us
there are bards & arts - but I would surer be sucess-
ible to your love & respect for that matters in ?sugiers'
in every ?xian(Christian)? age & ?neter? there have been enabled
beacons whose light might be followed like the star
of the east and had not only to the cradle but the
cross and the throne of our redeemer, where your capac-
ity to admire & venerate might have full hope,
and your talents concentrated to one grand object by

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