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[Picture of head of cabbage and portrait of person looking to the right] NEW WASHINGTON WAKEFIELD

NEW WASHINGTON WAKEFIELD.-In this grand variety we have a most superior strain, well worthy the name it bears. It is a leader, and is very early, the heads pyramidal in shape, larger than the Jersey Wakefield. Grows remarkably uniform, the heads are of even size. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 85c, lb. $2.75.
ALPHA.-By far the earliest flat-headed variety in existence. It is remarkably solid, rivaling the Danish Ballhead. Very popular with the market gardeners. Pkt. 10c, oz. 30c, 1/4 lb. 90c, lb. $3.00.
EARLY JERSEY WAKEFIELD.-Considered by many gardeners the very best early variety. Of large size for so early a kind and is certainly deserving of its great popularity. Heads hard and solid, and have few outside leaves. Our seed is the best quality, American grown. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 70c, lb. $2.00.
WINNINGSTADT. -Cone-shaped summer sort, when sown late it is good for fall and even winter; a sure header and good keeper. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.75.
MAMMOTH RED ROCK.-A market gardener's strain of unusua1 size, weight and color. Its handsome appearance, large size, solidity and good quality will make it very desirable to all who like red cabbage. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c, lb. $2.50.
PREMIUM FLAT DUTCH.-This old and well known variety is still the standard winter kind. Its heads are large and solid, also first-class as a keeper. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.50.
IMPROVED DANISH BALLHEAD OR HOLLANDER.- This variety has been selected and perfected for more than fifty years by the Danish gardeners. They prize it so highly that they grow it almost exclusively for winter cabbage, and annually export large quantities to London, Paris and other cities. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c, lb. $2.50.

IOWA SEED COMPANY'S SHORT-STEM DRUHMEAD [DRUMHEAD].-Our improved and selected strain of this popular variety has greatly pleased thousands of our customers during the past ten years, and so greatly has it improved during the time we have had it that in a large field it is almost impossible to find a head that is not solid and well formed. For sureness in heading, regularity of growth and even, large, solid heads, it far surpasses any other strain which we have seen, ripening evenly with very short stem or stalk, and large, solid, thick heads of fine, silky quality and of best keeping properties. It is almost all head and always sure to head. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 65c, lb. $2.00.
EXTRA EARLY EXPRESS.-The earliest variety in existence and produces rather small heads long before the Jersey Wakefield or other varieties have begun to head up. Heads are solid and have but few outside leaves, therefore may be planted very close and yield large crops. It is a most important variety for the gardener. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.75.
PERFECTION DRUMHEAD SAVOY. -The Savoy or curly cabbages are of much finer flavor and quality than the best of other kinds, and should be more generally cultivated. The variety we offer is the finest of the Savoys. The heads are large, finely curled and an excellent keeper. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 65c, lb. $2.00.
LUXEMBERG HARD HEAD.-An excellent variety which is in great favor on the Chicago market, and the seed frequently sells there at $1.00 per ounce or more. It makes a medium size, very hard head of extraordinary weight. Owing to its remarkable keeping qualities, and the fact that the head remains as green as when gathered in the fall, is the king of all cabbage for late spring selling. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb. 75c, lb. $2.55.
MARBLEHEAD MAMMOTH. -Largest of all, have in some instances grown to a weight of ninety pounds, and the heads of such size that they would not go into a two bushel basket. Good for exhibition at fairs, but too loose headed and uncertain for main crop. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c, 1/4 lb, 75c, lb. $2.60.
FOTTLER'S IMPROVED BRUNSWICK.-For summer and fall. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.75.
SUREHEAD. -Very reliable in heading, good shape and large size. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4 lb. 60c, lb. $2.00.
FILDERKRAUT.- Pointed head. In great favor among Germans. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.75.
CABBAGE PLANTS. - See list of vegetable plants.



GIANT PASCAL.-Stalks remarkably large, thick, solid, entirely stringless, very crisp and brittle, self-blanching, clear white. Pkt. 5c, oz. 20c, 1/4. lb. 60c, lb. $1.75.
HENDERSON'S HALF DWARF.-Entirely solid, possessing a rich, nutty flavor. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 45c, lb. $1.50.
WHITE PLUME.-The stalks, portions of the inner leaves and heart are naturally white and become fit for use simply tying it up closely with soft twine. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.75.
GOLDEN SELF-BLANCHING.- This is by far the most popular variety now on the market. It is of medium earliness of dwarf compact habit, with thick, solid, heavily ribbed stalks, which blanch easily to a clear waxen yellow. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 30c, 1/4 lb. $1.00, lb. $3.50.
WINTER QUEEN.- The finest dwarf winter celery. Of a rich green coloring, like Giant Pascal, it is more readily blanched and ready for use earlier in the fall. Pkt. 10c, oz. 40c, 1/4 lb. $1.25.
CELERIAC OR TURNIP ROOTED.- Grown for the roots. Excellent for salad and flavoring, very popular among our German customers. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 50c, lb. $1.50.
BOSTON MARKET.- Leaves dark green, stalks when blanched nearly white, excellent quality, solid, crisp, tender. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 40c, lb. $1.25.
GOLDEN DWARF.- Waxy golden yellow, cylindrical, solid, crisp. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4 lb. 40c, lb. $1.25.

A nice little ground nut which is greatly liked by the children. In sweetness and flavor they resemble the cocoanut or almond and are considered very nice put on the table in a fruit dish with candies, and as an after dinner relish. They are very prolific, a single one yielding from two to four hundred. The nuts grow under ground, very near the surface, easily reached by pigs and poultry, and destroyed by them if they have free access. Plant in April, 10 inches apart in 2 1/2 foot rows. Cover them lightly. If the seed is very dry, soak them well before planting. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 50c.

JAPANESE NEST EGG.-Grows almost uniformly to the size, color and shape of a hen's egg. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c.
DIPPER.-Makes a more light and convenient dipper than can be bought. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c.
LUFFA, OR DISH CLOTH.-The peculiar lining of this fruit, which is sponge-like, elastic and durable, makes a natural dish cloth or sponge. Pkt. 10c, oz. 35c.
MIXED UTILITY.-Seeds of the above mixed. Pkt. oz. 25c.

An ornamental little fruit which a century ago was commonly grown in the gardens, but is now rarely seen. Grows on a pretty vine, fruit is round, yellow, irregularly striped with orange, red or mahogany; fragrant, a single specimen will sweetly perfume a room for many days, prolific and easily grown. Often called Queen Anne's Pocket Melon. Pkt. 5c, oz. 25c.

RED CROSS.-This very desirable variety is as early as the earliest, the most hardy, very prolific and of the best quality. Boys, here is a chance for you. Think of growing peanuts in your own garden and having plenty of them to eat. Shell the nuts carefully, so as not to break inside skin and plant as soon as the ground becomes warm, from 2 to 3 feet apart each way. Pkg. 10c, lb. 40c, postpaid. By express 5 lbs. or more @ 25c per lb.


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