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Second Edition OF THE Thirty - third Annual Catalogue

Notice: In January we published 290,000 copies of our Catalogue, and there has been such a great demand for them that we are now compelled to get out this small condensed Catalogue. We regret to say that it was impossible to have the colored covers prepared in time for this extra edition.


STORE-613-615 Locust Street MAIL ORDER BUILDING, 208 to 212 S. Eighth St. GREENHOUSES-Thirtieth and Kingman Boulevard


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[image top: rock Established 1870]

1870-193 Thirtythree Years of Successful Business!

DES MOINES, lOWA, January, 1903.

Hearty Greetings and Good Wishes Are hereby elf tended to our Friends and Customers who have favored us with their orders during the past year and thus helped us to have the best and most prosperous season that we have ever experienced. Thirty-three years, A Third of a Century, is a long time and this long continued success proves that there is a feeling of growing confidence on the part of the public, in our establishment, for without it we could not succeed. We shall strive to continue to'merit your confidence and approval by using every effort to secure the best results in growing and selecting the choicest, purest and most reliable seeds and prove to you that our motto, "Only one quality, THE BEST," is well taken.

We know that our Choice Iowa Seeds are unsurpassed. that our prices are right and our promptness and care in filling orders make many friends, In almost every neighborhood in America our seeds are known and used and our highest ambition is to deserve the title which has been applied to as, namely:


Read What Prominent Men Say.

They are a proof of merit. Such testimonials cannot be bought.

"I have bought seeds of you for several years past and have found them very satisfactory. I have used them on my own farm and also sold them to others and have had no complaint. Have also purchased some, from other firms, but could not depend on them as on yours."-R. J. Johnson, Humboldt,Iowa, President Iowa State Agricultural Society.

I am pleased to state that all seeds, both garden and field, that I have bought of your firm during the past twelve years have been perfectly satisfactory, and I am always pleased to recommend the Iowa Seed Company to any and all who are in need of anything in their line."-M. J. Wragg, Waukee, Iowa, President Iowa State Horticulutural Society.

The gardening public and farmers everywhere are requested to thoroughly examine all parts of this book, which we have enlarged, thoroughly revised and rewritten this year and tried to make of practical value to everyone. Notice the many new and improved varieties which we are offering this year and instead of devoting your entire crop to the old sorts, we are sure that it will pay you to add both to the quality and yield by planting the newer kinds that we recommend. We grow our own seeds, either on our own plare or have them grown from carefully selected stock, seeds and it requires the entire seed crop from about 6,200 acres to supply our trade. The soil and climate of Iowa are specially adapted to growing and maturing most seed crops, still there are some varieties which will produce better seed in other 'localities and we spend a large part of the summer and fall in traveling around among our growers inspecting the growing crop. Again thanlking you for past favors, respectfully soliciting a continuance of your patronage and wishing you a happy and prosperous new year, we remain, Your friends, IOWA SEED COMPANY.

M . KURTZWEIL, President. CHAS. N. PAGE, Treasurer and Manager.


Very few Seed Dealers can Equal this Record.

I have bought seeds every year from your company since 1871, after Mr. Fuller started the business at Des Moines; have always found your seeds good. -W. S. Maxwell, Lawndale, Texas.

I have been a customer of the Iowa Seed Co. since 1875 and always intend to be so long as they prove as satisfactory as in the past. Both they and their seeds are reliable.- J.C. Jessup, Fairmount, Indiana.

This is my 29th year getting seeds from your firm and they are all O.K. We are back in "Peerless Old Iowa," again after four years in California and eight years in Arkansas.-Bryant Graves, Lenox, Iowa.



SHIPPING.-There are five express companies and fifteen railroad lines at Des Moines, so that quick shipments can be made to any town in the United States. It is well to remember that express charges are usually much higher on heavy goods, and you should order them sent by fast freight.













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Our stock of vegetable seeds we are sure cannot be excelled either in quality or selection by and firm in the country, as we watch our growing crops with great care, taking pains to isolate and keep pure and true to name. Every variety listed is desirable and has our recommendatlon. Our packets are, we believe, as well filled as any reliable seed dealer's In the United States, and in fact, a comparison has shown that they contain more seed on the average, than choss of any other firm whose packets we have secured. We pay the postage at these prices, except on Beans, Peas and corn at the pack or bushel rates. We make it a rule to carefully test all seeds as soon as received from the grower, or as soon as they are brought in from our seed farms. We also carry on extensive trials on our grounds by which we are enabled to offer only those strains of seeds which come up to the standard of purity and excellence, and are of the highest vitality, and the result is that we very rarely have complaints as our Choice Iowa Seeds are sure to please.

ASPARAGUS. COLUMBIAN MAMMOTH WHITE.-A new and entirely distinct variety, that produces shoots which are white and stay white as long as fit for use. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 25c, lb. 75c.

PALMETTO.-Stalks frequently measure two inches in diameter. Per pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 20c, lb. 60c.

CONOVER'S COLOSSAL.-The standard vartety. Pkt. 5c, oz. 10c, 1/4 lb. 15c, lb. 40c.

ASPARAGUS ROOTS.-We can furnish strong roots of either the Palmetto or Conover's Colossal at 25c per dozen; $1.25 per 100. Columbian Mammoth White 40c per dozen; $1.50 per 100 postpaid. Ask for price in quantity.


AMERICAN MAMMOTH.-A new and greatly superior variety of American growth which forms heads ready for picking about three weeks earlier than other varieties. Pkt. 5c, oz, 30c, 1/4 lb. 1.00.

ENGLISH.-Pkt. 5c, oz. 15c, 1/4lb. 4Oc.


GOLDEN CLUSTER W AX.-In our tests this has proved to be the best of all wax pole beans and for a number of years it has been the leading variety. Long golden-yellow pods in clusters of 3 to 6 from bottom to top of pole, and continues in bearing from the middle of July till the vines are cut by frost. This variety endures all kinds of weather, wet or dry. For market it excels all others. Pods are seven to eight inches long and three-fourths of an inch in width. Although the pods are quite flat, they are fleshy, absolutely stringless, and very brittle, while their flavor is delicious. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 60C. By express, 1/4 pk. $1.25, pk. $2.25.

OLD HOMESTEAD.-Enormously productive, the pods hanging in great clusters from top to bottom of pole. It is entirely stringless, and the pods are of a slivery green color, and cook tender and melting. Can be grown with corn to good advantage. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c. By express, 1/2 pk. $1.10. pk. $2.00.

LAZY WIFE'S.-This Pole Bean, for so long the favorite with Pennsylvania farmers, has become very popular. We presume it derived its namefrom its immense productiveness, and from the ease with which they are cooked. The pods, of medium dark-green color, are produced in great abundance, and measure from 4 1/2 to 6 inches in length. They are broad, thick, very fleshy and entirely string1ess. The pods retain their rich, tender, and stringless qualities until nearly ripe. Each pod contains from six to eight round white beans, which make excellent winter shell beans. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 60c. By express, 1/2 pk. $1.25, pk. $2.25.

KING OF THE GARDEN LIMA.-An improvement on Large White Lima, and the finest stock for market gardeners. When not closely planted they set their pods early at the bottom of the pole, producing a continuous bloom and fruitage to the end of the season Pods of enormous size. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c. By express, 1/2pk. $1.10, pk. $2.00.

CUT SHORTS.-The old-fashioned cornfield be an, so popular and often so difficult to obtain. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c. By express, 1/2 pk. 90c, pk. $1.60.

WHITE DUTCH CASE KNIFE .-Yields an immense crop of handsome flat white beans of excellent flavor. Cooks easily. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c. By express, 1/2 pk. $1.00, pk. $1.75.

[image of plants growing]


BEANS. Dwarf Bush Varieties.

EARLY PROLIFIC BROAD.-The plant is of robust, upright growth, entirely different from any of the ordinary varieties of beans. Pods measuring 12 to 14 inches in length are not uncommon and they are so broad and handsome in appearance that they prove very attractive on the market. Under special culture pods have been produced 20 inches in length. Pkt. 10c, 1/2 pt. 20c, qt. 65c.

IMPROVED EARLY VALENTINE -About ten days earlier than the common Early Valentine. In addition to this it is more robust and vigorous, and produces the true, round, cured pods very abundantly. Unexcelled in quality and uniformity of ripening; nearly the whole crop can be taken at one picking, usually within 35 days after planting. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 45c. By express or freight, 1/2 pk. 75c, pk. $1.35.

EARLl MOllAWK.-Very early and wlll stand more cold than Plost bush varieties. Vines large and stout with very II',rge coarse leaves; will stand a slight frost. This variety Is largely grown In the southern states for northern markets. The pods are from 5 to 6 Inches long· the seeds, when ripe, drab color with purple spots. Pkt: 50!. Ys pt. l5c..9t 46. By express, Ys pI,. 7Oc. pk. $1.25. IITRINGL.r;SS GREEN POD BUSK.-The only stringless gre~n pod bush bean In cultivation. Consequently It surpasses all others In criSp, tender flavor. The fin ely shaped, long, green pods are ab_sQjutely stringless, and are ready to market two ,weeks earlier than the Val~n­ tines. It Is of Immense value, not only to the market gardener but also to the amateur who seeks a rare quality early for the home tab!e. Pkt. fiC t Ys pt. 150, qt. SOC. Bl express, Yu:>k. !!fc, pI,. $1.tO. MARKET GARDENER'S.-TlIe best and most HENDERSON'S BUSH LIMA.-Grows In table variety. Its shape I~ wellllluscompact bush form, producing enormous crops profitable trated by the accompanying engraving. As will of deliciOUS Lima beans. Pkt. Ec, Ys pt. 150, qt. be noticed, It Is very symmetrlcall with small tap 6OC. By exprElss~ y. pk. $1.10. pk. $·!.OO. root and but few librous roots. unusually small WARDWELL'S KIDNEY WAX.-Free from tops. Pkt. IOc, oz. 30C. rust and spots. Pkt. 5C.t Ys pt. 15c, qt. 5Oc. By EARLY CRIMSON GLOBE.-Anextracholce eXjJress, Ys_pk. $1.oo~I" :1>1.75. IMPROVED GOLJ./EN WAX.-More sold than table beet. This I~ a magnificent new variety any other variety. Pkt. 5C, Ys pt. l <C. qt. 5OC. By from England and Is also very early. Skill very smootll, and It Is as handsome a beet as you express, Ys_p_k. 9Oc,J, pk. $1.60. LARGEwmT.r;MARROW-Doubleas large can Imagine. It Is of a rich, deep red color shad· ...s the Navy. Pkt. 50, Ys pt. 150, qt. 4Oc. By ex- Ing to purple. It Is not only a choice -sort for ' early use, Dut It Is also very desirable for main press, Ys _pk. 7Oc..l. pI,. $1.25. CHALLENG.r; BLACK W AX.-Pkt. 50, Ys pt. crop as It keeps well until late spring. Pkt. lOc, oz. 2Oc, 14 lb. 6Oc. lb. $1.50. l5r, qt. 5Oc. By express, y. pk. $1.00, pk. $1.75. CALIFORNIA BRANCH OR PROLIFIC ECLIPSE.-Thls variety has become exceedTREE.-Resembles White Navy. Pkt.5c, Ys pt. Ingly popular and Is one of the best early sorts. 12c, qt. 35c. By express, YsPJl:. 66c, pk. $1.15. It possesses all the qualities requisite Ifr a first class beet, and Is of a uniform, globular shape. The roots are of a bright glossy red, fine-grained and deliciOUS, with none of that earthy fiavor Sll objectionable In many varieties. Pkt. 50, oz. lOC, l41b. 2Oc, lb. 5Oc. LONG DARK BLOOD.- -Our stock of this standard variety Is greatly Improved, ,smooth, sweet and tender. PI,t. 6c; oz. 10c, %I. ll>.2Oc, lb. 5Oc. DEWING'S IMPROVED BLOOD TURNIP. -An improvement on the old Early Blood lurnlp. Globe-shape, deep blood red color, fine flavor, a good keeper for main crop. Pkt. bc, oz. lOc, 14 lb. 2Oc, lb. 5Oc. CROSBY'S IMPROVED EGYPTIAN.-We believe this to be the earliest variety in existence. It was originated by Josiah CrosbY a market gardener for the Boston market, an d Is a great Improvement on tlle old Egypblan, being thicker, handsomer and more regular In shape,. smooth with very small tops and small tap root. It Is 01 perfect shape when small, thlls malting a good beet for bunchlDg~ and Is very popular with the Des Moines market garll eners for this purpose. Pkt.l c, oz. ICc, 14 lb. 2~c, lb. 75c. EDMAND'S BLOOD TURNIP.-One of tbe best varieties grown for main crop. While not a strictly first early beet, It follows very closely and Is the most uniform of all turnip beet~, with very small tops. The roots are handsome an<t round, ver1 smooth, of good marketable size, and for table use no variety can excel It In fine quaHty. 11IIPROVED VALENTINE. Pkt.5c, oz. lOc, ~ lb. 2Oc,lb. SOc.



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We pay the postage by the pkt., 1/2 pt. and 1qt. Deduct ten cents on each quart if to be sent by express.


EARLY SUNRISE.-The standard sort. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c. By express 1/2 pk. 70c, pk. $1.25. EXTRA EARLY CORY.-( White Qob )-This has for years been the most popular variety with market gardeners for first early market. Of medium size. Pkt.5c, 1/2pt. 15c, qt. 40C. By express 1/2pk. 6OC, pk. $1.00. CHAMPION EARLY.- Without doubt the earliest large corn ever Introduced. An average ear is about nine inches long. Pkt. 5c, 1/2 pt. 15c, qt. 50c. By express, 1/2pk. 6 c, pk. $1.10. EARLY MINNESOTA.-An early variety. The ears are of good Size, well flavored and of the best cooking qualities. Pkt. 5C, ~ pt. 12c, qt. 35C. F.i' ~xpress, ~ pk. 6,)C, pl<. $1.0('. COUNTRY GENTLEMAN.-An Improvement on the old favorite Shoe Peg Sweet Corn . . The crop can be counted on to give three to five ears to a stalk. Pkt. 5C, % pt. 10C. qt. 5Oc. By express, ~ pk. 75C, pk. $1.25. CROSBY'S EARLY.-For medium early use. A good cropper and profitable for family use and as a market sort. Pkt. 5C, ~ pt. 12c. qt. 35c. By express, ~ pk. 6Oc, pk.$l.00. IMPROVED STOWELL'S EVERGREEN.- }'or many years the' most prominent main crop variety and III more largely planted than any other, being a general favorite with canners and marl,et gardeners for late use. Pkt. 5C, ~ pt. 15c. qt. 450. )jy express, ~ pi,. 7OC, pk. $1.20. MAMMOTH SUGAR.-Thls produees the largest ear of any sweet corn, a single ear sometimes weighing BIt much as two or three pounds; sweet and luscious. Pkt. 5c, ~ pt. 15c, qt. 40C. By express, ~ pk. SOC, pk. $1.00.


SNOWBALL.-Pkt. lOc, .~ pt. 2OC, qt. 65c . . PAGE'S NEW STRIPED RICE.-The best, handsomest and most attractive variety of pop corn In exIstence. The ears are of good size. Very productive. Pkt. 5C, ~ pt. 2Oc, qt. 65c. By exp .• ~ pk. $1 .:!I.i, pk. $2.:!I.i. MONARCH WHITE RICE.-The best wlllte variety. Bears from 8 to 6 ears per stalk, and produces 1,5Ol to ~,~OO lbs. per acre. It will pay you to try It. Pkt. 5C, 17o I!t. 15c, qt. 4OC. By expo ~ pk. 70c, pk. $ .. 25.



GEN'l· LE~lAN.

PERFECT W1lITE SPINE. ' -Fruit even and of good Size, straight, well formed aud symmetrical. It Is of uniform shape, maldng It unexcelled for plclulug. Immensely pro ductl,·e. Pkt. 5c, oz. 15C, li lb. roe, lb. $1.60. By express, 5 lbs or more@ $1 35. BOSTON OR JERSEY PICKLE.- Is used almost exclusively by the market gardeners near Boston for pickling. Pkt. 50, oz. t5c, li lb. 5Oc, lb. $1. 75. WEST INDIAN GHERKIN OR BURR.-Makes a handsome pickle of first class " quality. Be sure and try It. Pkt. 5c. oz. 25c, li lb. 6OC.

EARLY EXPRESS.-One of the earliest varieties. Pkt. lOC, oz. 25c,lilb. 75C, lb. $2.50. CUMBERLAND.-A very desirable sort for pickles and slicing. Pkt. lOC, oz. 25C, li lb. 750, lb. $2.50. GREEN PROLIFIC.-A spleudld pickling sort. Very productive Pkt. 5c" oz. 2Oc, ~ lb. 6Oc, lb. $2.00. JAPANESE CLIMB IN G.-It comes Into bearing quickly aM continues to set fruit abundantly througho_ the season. Of large size, tender, cylindrical shape, flesh pure white, skin dark green when ripe; of excelleol quality for slicing. Pkt. JOC, oz. ooc, li lb. $1.0<), lb. $3.00. IMPROVED LONG GRED - Astandartl sort, Frultabout 12 Inches long, firm and crisp. The young fruit makes one i1t the best of plcl<les. Pkt. oc. oz. 2Oc, li lb. 6Jc,lb. $2 25. IMPROVED CHICAGO PICKLE.-It Is very prollfio. Produces an Immense numbM of deslralJle shaped IJICkles. Pkt.5C, oZ.2Oc, lilb.GOc, b $2.('. NEW ASTRO.-Frnlt large, perfect shape, 8 to 12 !nchel! long. They are of the vel]' best quality for Slicing. PId. 10C, oz. $1.00. EARLY CLUSTER.-GroWlt In clusters. Prod uctlve and 01: good quality. Pkt. 5C, oz. 11ie. EARLY ElXl'RESS CUCUl\IBER. lilb. 500, lb. !1.75,


CAULIFLQWER. HENDERSON'S EARLY SNOW BALI;:':"Is COnsidered the earliest of all cauilliowers. Our stock Is extra choice and cannot be excelled. Pkt. 15c, li oz. 75C, oz. $2:50. : EXTRA EARLY DWARF ERFURT.-Valuable for forcing. A very popular variety In ) Europe and wlth eastern gardeners. First quality. Pkt. 15C, li oz. 6OC, oz. $2.00. • . . ... EARLY P ARIS.-Well known small variety which usually pro,\,es 'quite satisfactory. Pkt. 5C, oz. tOc. -' ' LENORMAND'S.-There Is considerable call in this market for a late variety of cauliflower, and In the Lenormand's we have:.jus~' what Is wauted. It Is of large size and produces well formed heads of excellent quality. Pkt. 50, oz.60c. . CAULIFLOWER PLANTS.-See list of Vegetab~~_P~ ~?~ts. _


. EARLY SCARLET HORN.-Favorlte for early crop. Sold largelym New York lParket, bunched. Pkt. 50, OZ.10C, li lb. 25c, lb. 75c. OXHEART.-We do not hesitate to call this the most valuable varlet]r' In existence. ' It Is In.ermedlate between the Half-long and Horn varieties, attaining a diameter of 3 to 41nches at the necl<, of beautiful shape and' rich orange color. Where other varieties require dlgglIJg it Is easlIJ pulled. It will produce roots as early as any variety and continues of thltbest quality all the season. It Is excellent for hogs and other live sroca,. and has yielded 1.200 bushels per acre. Pkt. 50, oz. 10c, li lb. 25c, lb. 75c. DANVERS.-Is In form about midway between the Long Orange an4i · Shorthorn class, growing generally with a stllmp root. It Is of a rlcb, dark orange color and grows to a large size. It Is a first-class carrot for' all solis, and It Is claimed that under good cultivation It will yield the-· greatest weight per acre with the smallest length of root of any grown.. Pkt. 5C, oz. lOc, lilb. 200, lb. 65C. .

IMPROVED LONG ORANGE.-One of the most desirable for Alther garden or field culture. It grows to a large size, fair specltriens averagIng twelve Inches In lenl(th, and three Inches . In diameter at the top. Collards are largely used as "greens" !n some parts of the country, Pkt. 5C, oz. lOC, li lb. especially In the south. They are a form' of the cabbage, bearing new 2Oc, lb. 5Oc. leaves as soon as the old ones are pulled off. GEORGIA.-The most satisfactory for general use. Pkt. 5c, oz. lOC, VICTGRIA.- Largest M lb. SOC, lb. $1.00. carrot grown, heaviest cro'Pplng and most n utri tlOUS variety In cultiLARGE ROOTED.-Used as a substitute for coffee. Cultivate as car- vation. PI,t. 5c, oz.lOC, rots. 'fake up the roots In the fall, cut Into small pieces and put.away to li. lb. 25c, lb. 7;;c. B~ dry. When wanted for use;It,ls roasted and grOlmd like coffee-. Pkt.l>C, express, fiVIl pounds or more, soc per pound . OXHEART, OR GUERANDE. . oz. lOC, li lb. 25c. lb. 75C. ------~----------------------~RY THE EXPRESS OUOUM:SER-I~ IS ~HE BES~ QUALITY FOR SLIOING. ~~ ~

EARLY CURLED -A wellimown salad. Sow earlY,!lnd. at Intervals during the season. Cover seed lightly. Pkt. 5C. oz. lOCo ~ !b7~~~; . : TRUE W ATER.-Sow the seeds along the border of runnIng water and cover lightly. Pkt. 5C, oz. 35C.




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