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Specialties and Novelties for 1890


Iowa Seed Co.'s New Garden Lemon

Introduced by us last year, and it was highly
praised wherever tried. A sample of this was
sent us by one of our valued customers, and we
have tested it three years on our Adair county
and Polk county seed farms, and can recommend
it highly. It resembles the Vine Peach in manner
of growth, but is distinct in that the unripe fruit
is striped with very dark green, nearly black,
while the Vine Peach is plain green, and when
ripe is not russeted like the Vine Peach. Fruit is
of shape shown in our engraving, and is some
what smaller than Vine Peach, has thinner flesh,
and is most decidedly more acid, thus dispensing
with the sliced lemons which are so important in
putting up the Vine Peach. Cultivate like musk
melon, in hills three feet apart each way. Full
directions for cooking in various manners accompany each packet. Don't fail to try
it. Per pkt., 10 cts.; oz., 50 cts.

Vick's Early Scarlet Globe Radish

A most excellent early Radish for garden
culture. For hot-bed forcing there is no
variety so desirable as the "Early Scarlet
Globe." It is the earliest; its color is the
handsomest; in flavor it is the mildest,
most crisp, juicy and tender. It is the
market gardener's favorite as a forcing Rad
ish. It forms small top, and will stand a
great amount of heat without becoming pithy.
Per pkt., 5 cts.; oz., 15 cts., 1/4 lb., 35 cts.; lb.,
$1.00 .

Dec. 3, 1889.--The Rosy Gem and White Strasburg
Radishes which I received from you last Spring were the
best I ever raised. Wm. Timmerman, Bowling Green,

Nov. 24.--During all my experienee as Market Gar
dener I never bought any seeds that proved as satisfactory
as those I purchased of you last Spring. P. S. Vawter,
McCune, Kansas.

Oct. 23.--Your seeds are the best. The Banana Musk
melons were the nicest I ever saw. Some of the Kolb Gem
Watermelons weighed 50 pounds apiece. We are all
pleased. Albert Davis, Hibbsville, Iowa.

Dec. 11. I bought a good many seeds from you last
Spring, and they gave good satisfaction. The Market
Gardeners Beet is all you claim for it. W. L. Kuyken
dall, Dunlap, Iowa.

lowa Seed Company's
New Perpetual White Summer Radish

This variety, introduced by us, has given splendid satisfaction
to all who tried it. Their shape is well illustrated by the accom
panying engraving. They are pure white, of uniformly good
quality, crisp and brittle, and they keep longer in a fit condition
for the table than any variety we know of, hence their name, Per
petual White Summer. Can be sown any time of the year, and
will always produce good Radishes fit for market earlier than
the Chartier, and keep in perfect shape for marketing for about
four weeks, or longer than that, for home use. Per pkt., 5 cts.;
oz., 15 cts.; 1/4 lb.; 50 cts.; lb., $1.50.

Nov. 24.--I was well pleased with the seeds bought of you last Spring, and with,
your liberal dealing with me. The Table Guernsey Parsnip is a decided improve
ment over the old varieties. I grew some very fine Onions from your seed. L. O.
Williams, Market Gardener, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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